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Tuition: £2,000 - full participation for 2 weeks.

(full singing lessons or coaching and master classes every day.

Housing: £350 - for a single bed in a double room with en-suite and kitchenette.

(A single room is available at a higher rate. It is possible to find you own housing if you choose.)

The first £500 pound deposit is due within five days of acceptance into the programme. This reserves your place on the course. Final payments are due 6 July 2018. If you have chosen the residence option, you will need to include that fee with your final payment on 6 July 2017. If you are accepted after 6 July, the full fee is due within 5 days.

Auditors will be accepted, see below.


 There is no fee for pianist participation.

Auditing Only:

While not technically participating, auditors will be allowed to sit in on lessons, classes, master classes, attend all events and will be eligible for the housing option, but will not be eligible for scholarships.

Fees for auditing only:

Two Weeks: £750

One Week: £500

Important Dates

  • Within 5 days of acceptance: £500 Deposit
  • 6 July 2018 - Final Payment due.
  • If you are accepted after 6 July 2018, the full fee is due within 5 days.